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Hiking Along Lake Superior
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The Casque Isles Trail is a signed and groomed trail that offers incredible vistas to hikers of Northern Ontario and Lake Superior.
The trail begins in Terrace Bay, passes through Schreiber and ends in Rossport for a total length of 53 km. The trail follows the shoreline of Lake Superior, hopping from bay to bay, and is divided into five units, each with its own unique wilderness experience and access point from Highway 17.
These units vary in hiking time and difficulty so that both the advanced and amateur hikers can enjoy the scenery.
The trail is now part of the Voyageur Hiking Trail which is an association of trails between Thunder Bay and Sudbury including areas in Pukaskwa National Park and Lake Superior Provincial Park. All of these trails have been designated Trans Canada Trail. A perfectly adequate guide to the Casque Isles Trail (with maps) can be found in the Voyageur Hiking Trail Guidebook (2007 edition), which can be obtained from the Terrace Bay Tourist Information Centre or the Voyageaur Hiking Trail Association, P.O. Box 20040, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6W3.
A Casque Isles Hiking Trail Brochure has been published by the Casque Isles Hiking Club and a Ecological Guide by author Robert Farmer are available at the Terrace Bay Tourist Information Centre.
Check out a great article on the Casque Isles Hiking Trail on the Parks Canada website.
The Casque Isles Hiking Club organizes guided hikes, trail blazing parties, and general meetings to discuss ideas and issues. If you would like more information, contact the Terrace Bay Tourist Information Centre, or call Doug Stefurak at (807) 824-2724. Ask for a schedule of the hike dates for the summer.
Trailhead Sign for Lyda Bay Segment at Terrace Bay Beach
Trailhead Sign at Terrace Bay Beach
Schreiber Beach Section Swinging Bridge
Schreiber Beach Section Swinging Bridge
Casque Isles Trail in Fall
The Casque Isles Trail in Fall
In 1975, an energetic group of local people, including Tom McGrath, decided to create the Casque-Isles section of the Voyageur Trail. The title was derived from Bigsby's appraisal of Superior's north shore from the top of the Pic Island in 1823:
"As I turned towards the land, tall casque-shaped islands were seen here and there , full of sinuosities and overlooked by pleasingly grouped hills of conical or waved outline from 600 to 800 feet. I was well repaid for the trouble of the ascent."
Today, the Casque Isles Trail is well signed, well groomed, and offers many campsites to accommodate the visitors who wish to share in Superior's majestic and rugged beauty.
Beginning in Terrace Bay, along the spectacular 100 foot Aguasabon Falls & Gorge, the trail follows the shoreline, hopping from bay to bay until finally reaching Rossport, the total length being 52 km.
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